Newfoundland and Labrador Abandoned Communities Index

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Alexis Facheaux Partridge
Aviron Freshwater Placentia
Badger Fortune Freshwater
Barrasway Gt. Bay de l'Eau Porcupine
Bay d'Espoir Green Red
Bay of Islands Groswater Rencontre
Bay de Vieux Halls Sandwich
Belle Hare Seal
Bonavista Hawke St. Georges
Bonne Hermitage St. John's area
Canada Ingornachoix St. Lewis
Chateau La Poile St. Michaels
Conception Lawn Table
Connaigre Martin Trepassey
Couteau New Trinity
Devil Notre Dame White
Exploits Okak White Bear
Peninsulas and Sidings
Burin Great Northern  Port au Port 
Baie Verte Railway Sidings
Coasts and Shores
Labrador Coast Lake Melville Southern Shore
St. of Belle Isle West Coast South Coast