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Saddle Island
Safe Harbour
Sagona Island
Sailors Island
Salmon Bight
Sam Hitches Harbour
Sams Cove
Samson Island
Sandy Cove, Lawn Bay
Sandy Cove, Notre Dame Bay
Sandy Cove, White Bay
Sandy Cove, Grey Islands
Sandy Islands
Sandy Point
Scouse Cove
Schooner Cove
Seal Bay Head
Seal Bight
Seal Cove, Bay of Islands
Seal Cove, Bonne Bay
Sealing Bight
Seal Island, Great Northern Penisula
Seal Island, South coast
Seal Islands, Partridge Bay
Seal Islands Harbour
Sebasquasto (Sebaskachu)
Seevelys Cove
Selbys Cove
Separation Point
Shamblers Cove
Ship Harbour
Shoal Arm
Shoe Cove
Sibleys Cove
Silupat (Silupait Point)
Silver Fox Island
Sivier Island
Sloop Cove
Smooth Cove
Snack Cove
Snooks Brook
Snug Harbour
Soldiers Cove
Sooleys Brook
Sops Arm
Sops Island
Sound Island
Southeast (~ Cove)
Southeast Arm Presque
Southern Arm, Green Bay
Southern Arm, White Bay
Southwest Arm
Southwest Croque
Spaniards Cove
Spear Harbour
Spencers Cove
Spirity Cove
Spotted Islands
Spout Cove
Square Island (~ Islands)
Stanley Cove
Starks Bight
Stone Valley
Stocking Harbour
Storehouse Cove
Storehouse Island
Stones Cove
Strathcona Point
Stuckless Cove
Sturges Island
Swaddlers Cove
Swains Islands
Swan Island
Swoir Cove (Swyers ~; Squier ~)
Sydney Cove