Notes to the Second edition 2017.

Where Once They Stood: A gazetteer of abandonment© lists Newfoundland and Labrador's abandoned communities.
Communites were selected if they once had a post office or a school, may include other component communities, and if they were included in Encyclopedia of Newfoundland and Labrador [ENL]. Where more than one community shared services, as on islands, for example, the other names are given in brackets, as are alternate or older names. The baseline data was collected from a 1963 official map of the Island of Newfoundland and supported by a 1955 list of Canadian post offices.
The "~" symbol indicates repeat of named element, for example, the word "Island" in alternate or associated names.
Column 2 provides the Canadian Topographic Map sheet number and gives the latitude (north) and longitude (west) of the community in degrees and minutes taken from Gazetteer of Canada - Newfoundland 1983.
Column 3 provides census figures taken from various sources including ENL and various almanacs and gazetteers.
Column 4, the general dates of settlement and abandonment are taken from ENL and various sources; note use of words  "after", "by", and "in".
The first print edition was in 2001 with a second printing in 2002. The cost of printing and distributing printed books killed small self-publishers and, with the early response to digital books, plus the fact print presses required digital layouts in .pdf or similar page processors, digital books are inevitable.
Shipping costs are avoided, at least.

This second digital edition was reviewed and a number of corrections made; excerpts from Canadian topo maps are available for viewing in the Regional lists as small thumbnails which link to Community List, and all the entries located on a 1:250,000 Canadian Topographic Map Series.

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