1N - St. John's

Abandoned communities on this map:
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La Manche, Southern Shore 1N/2

Johns Pond, St. Marys Bay 1N/4

Argentia (Little Placentia), Placentia Bay 1N/5
Placentia Junction, railway siding near Placentia 1N/5
Trinny Cove (with Brines Island*), Placentia Bay 1N/5

Blow-me-down, Conception Bay 1N/11
Bull Cove, Conception Bay 1N/11
Kellys Island, Conception Bay 1N/11

La Manche, Placentia Bay 1N/12
Little Ridge, Trinity Bay 1N/12
Rantem, Trinity Bay 1N/12
Spreadeagle, Trinity Bay 1N/12

Crawleys Island (and Bald Head and Mooneys Cove), Placentia Bay 1N/13
St. Jones Without (and Garretts Cove*), Trinity Bay 1N/13

Flatrock, Conception Bay 1N/14
Spout Cove, Conception Bay 1N/14

Marquise, Placentia Bay 1N/15