1M - Belleoram

Abandoned communities on this map:
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Wandsworth (Mud Cove until 1918), Burin Peninsula 1M/3

Brunette (Mercers Cove* after 1935 and Forwards ~), Fortune Bay 1M/5
Jersey Harbour (Jerseymens ~), Harbour Breton 1M/5
Sagona Island, Fortune Bay 1M/5

Grand John, Fortune Bay 1M/6
Great Jarvis (Grand Jervais; ~ Jersey; ~ Jervey), Burin Peninsula 1M/6
Point Enragee (~ Rosy), Burin Peninsula 1M/6
St. John Harbour (Blanchet; Blanchard), Fortune Bay 1M/6

Davis Island (Flat ~ or Port Elizabeth), Placentia Bay 1M/7
Deep Cove, Placentia Bay 1M/7
Great Bona (~ Bonah), Placentia Bay 1M/7
Little Bona, Placentia Bay 1M/7
Little Harbour, Placentia Bay 1M/7
Marticot Island, Placentia Bay 1M/7

Oderin, Placentia Bay 1M/7
Patricks Island, Placentia Bay 1M/7
Port Anne (Burnt Island before 1950's), Placentia Bay 1M/7
Sound Island, Placentia Bay 1M/7
St. Josephs, (Great ~ and Little ~; Gallows Harbour to 1863), Placentia Bay 1M/7

Clattice Harbour (and ~ ~ Southwest), Placentia Bay 1M/8
Indian Harbour, Placentia Bay 1M/8
Isle Valen, Placentia Bay 1M/8
Little Paradise, Placentia Bay 1M/8
Presque, Placentia Bay 1M/8
Red Island Harbour (Red Island), Placentia Bay 1M/8

St. Annes, Placentia Bay 1M/8
St. Kyrans, Placentia Bay 1M/8
St. Leonards (with Olivers Cove and Mahoneys Cove), Placentia Bay 1M/8
Toslow, Placentia Bay 1M/8

Bar Haven, Placentia Bay 1M/9
Davis Cove, Placentia Bay 1M/9
Great Brule (Brewley), Placentia Bay 1M/9
Harbour Buffett, Placentia Bay 1M/9
Haystack, Placentia Bay 1M/9
Kingwell (Mussel Harbour Arm before 1921), Placentia Bay 1M/9

Port Royal (Mussel Harbour), Placentia Bay 1M/9
Rosiru, Placentia Bay 1M/9
Tacks Beach, (Ragged Islands+; Jean de Gaunt, Coopers Cove*), Placentia Bay 1M/9
Tickles, Placentia Bay 1M/9
Western Cove, Placentia Bay 1M/9

Bay de l'Eau, Fortune Bay 1M/10
Femme, Fortune Bay 1M/10
Langue de Cerf (Deers Tongue), Fortune Bay 1M/10
New Harbour, Fortune Bay 1M/10
Peys Cove (Pays ~), Fortune Bay 1M/10

Anderson Cove, Fortune Bay 1M/11
Bay du Nord, Belle Bay 1M/11
Corbin, Belle Bay 1M/11
Lally Cove (Lolly ~), Belle Bay 1M/11
Doctors Harbour, Belle Bay 1M/11

Fox Island, Hermitage Bay 1M/11
Hoop Cove, Fortune Bay 1M/11
Stones Cove (Home Harbour), Fortune Bay 1M/11
Trammer, Fortune Bay 1M/11
Turnip Cove, Belle Bay 1M/11

Bay de l'Eau Island, Great Bay de l'Eau 1M/12
Furbys Cove, Hermitage Bay 1M/12
Harbour Gallett (~ Galley; Le Gallais), Bay d'Espoir 1M/12
Olive Cove, Hermitage Bay 1M/12
Piccaire, Hermitage Bay 1M/12
Raymonds Point, Bay D'Espoir 1M/12

Red Cove, Great Bay de L'eau 1M/12
Round Cove, Hermitage Bay 1M/12

Gull Cove, St. Marys Bay 1M/13

Soldiers Cove, Placentia Bay 1M/16
Woody Island, Placentia Bay 1M/16