12H - Sandy Lake

Abandoned communities on this map:
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Millertown Junction (Joe Glodes Pond to 1900), railway siding at Millertown 12H/1

Kittys Brook, railway siding near Howley 12H/2
Quarry, railway siding near Gaff Topsail 12H/2

Junction Brook, Deer Lake 12H/3

Goose Arm (and North Arm), Bay of Islands 12H/4
Penguin Arm, Bay of Islands 12H/4

Jack Ladder, Bonne Bay Big Pond 12H/5
Lomond (Murphys Cove), Bonne Bay 12H/5
Seal Cove, Bonne Bay 12H/5
St. Josephs Cove (Hell ~), Bonne Bay 12H/5

Mansfield Point, Green Bay 12H/8

Browns Cove, White Bay 12H/10
Granby Island, Hare Bay 12H/10
Pumbley Cove, White Bay 12H/10

Bakers Brook, Great Northern Peninsula 12H/12
Gads Harbour (Gadds ~), Bonne Bay 12H/12
Lobster Cove, Bonne Bay 12H/12
Mill Cove, Bonne Bay 12H/12
Stanleyville, Bonne Bay 12H/12

Gulls Marsh, West Coast 12H/13

Coney Arm, White Bay 12H/15
Sops Island, White Bay 12H/15
Western Arm, White Bay 12H/15

Lobster Harbour, Burlington Peninsula 12H/16
Middle Arm, White Bay 12H/16
Southern Arm, White Bay 12H/16