11P & 11I - Burgeo

Abandoned communities on this map:
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Pass Island, Hermitage Bay 11P/8

Dragon (~ Bay), Hermitage Bay 11P/9
Goblin, Bay d'Espoir 11P/9
Great Jarvis (~ Jervis Harbour), Bay d'Espoir 11P/9
Grole (lsle Grole), Hermitage Bay 11P/9
Mosquito, Bonne Bay (South Coast) 11P/9

Muddy Hole (Little Harbour before 1880), Hermitage Bay 11P/9
Patricks Harbour, Hermitage Bay 11P/9
Pooles Island (Flat Island), Bonne Bay (South Coast) 11P/9
Pushthrough, Bay d'Espoir 11P/9
Quiller (Quillaire; Coulliard), Bay d'Espoir 11P/9

Raymonds Island, Bay d'Espoir 11P/9
Richards Harbour, South Coast 11P/9
Round Harbour, Hermitage Bay 11P/9
Saddle Island, Bay d’Espoir 11P/9
Sam Hitches Harbour, Hermitage Bay 11P/9

Stanley Cove (and Birchy ~*), Bay d’Espoir 11P/9
Stone Valley (Little Bay before 1940's), Bay d’Espoir 11P/9
Taylors Island, Bonne Bay 11P/9

Bay of Chaleur, South Coast 11P/10
Cul de Sac East, South Coast 11P/10
Hare Harbour (~ Bay), South Coast 11P/10
La Hune (Cape ~), La Hune Bay 11P/10
Locks Cove (Bob Lock ~), Hare Bay (South Coast) 11P/10

Parsons Harbour (New ~ before 1940's), Rencontre Bay 11P/10

Coppett, Coppett Harbour, South Coast 11P/11
Deer Island (Bear ~), White Bear Bay 11P/11
Dog Cove, Bay de Vieux 11P/11
Fox Island Harbour, Bay de Vieux 11P/11
Swoir Cove (Swyers~; Squier ~), White Bear Bay 11P/11

Tibbos, Bay de Vieux 11P/11
White Bear Bay, White Bear Bay 11P/11

Red Island , South Coast 11P/12

Bay de North, North Bay in Hermitage Bay 11P/16
Bay de Este, Bay d'Espoir 11P/16