11O - Port aux Basques

Abandoned communities on this map:
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Cinq Cerf (Sinq ~), South Coast 11O/9
Indian Harbour, La Poile Bay 11O/9
Otters Point, Couteau Bay 11O/9
Round Harbour, La Poile Bay 11O/9
West Point, La Poile Bay 11O/9

Garia (~ Harbour), South Coast 11O/10
Grandys Passage, South Coast 11O/10
Hiscocks Point, South Coast 11O/10
Seal Island Harbour, South Coast 11O/10

Osmond (Osbornes), Southwest Coast 11O/11
Red Rocks, West Coast 11O/11
Rocky Barachois, West Coast 11O/11

Low Brook, West Coast 11O/14
Woody Head Cove, West Coast 11O/14

Grandys Brook, Barasway Bay 11O/15

Dolmans Cove, La Poile Bay 11O/16
East Bay, La Poile Bay 11O/16