Railway stations and sidings
Table 1 is a modern list compiled in 1962 from a tourist map; just a few years before the railway was abandoned.
Table 2 was compiled by J.P. Howley and noted on his 1907 Geological Map of the Island of Newfoundland; just a few years after the railway was completed.
Table 3 lists railway stops in Labrador, which has had a railway to Sept Isle, Quebec, since the early 1960's.
Those considered abandoned communities can be seen in a separate list. Of some interest is the increase from Howley's 57 stops to the modern 108. Howley's list shows most stops were primarily links to the coast. By 1962, however, the bulk of the additions appear to be logging, mining, and hydro-electric sites in the interior, especially between Howley and Clarenville.
While not all stops and sidings were inhabited, many had year round residents including station masters, section crews, and inn-keepers, and their families. The sidings are listed from west to east in both tables.