1955 Canada Post list of unidentified communities

These 90 communities were listed on post office cards as Newfoundland and Labrador communities in 1955. The cards (about 1600 in all) each contained a community name. More than 300 false names were marked with an "X" (a "nixie") leaving nearly 1300 real placenames. Potential postal employees were tested using the cards. The tester would read out the names and the applicant would indicate if it was a good name or not.

None of these names appear in Encyclopedia of Newfoundland and Labrador as a separate entry; those that appear in Gazetteer of Canada - Newfoundland and Labrador (GNL) have their map coordinates in column 2. Bay names are included where it appears obvious from the latitude and longitude. Some may be "trick" names to further test the applicants' knowledge. A number appearing in brackets (4) indicates there are 4 places with the same name in Gazetteer of Canada - Newfoundland and Labrador.

Communities in this list that also appear in an 1892 Post Office list of Island communities are marked there, showing they were extant from 1892 until 1955, at least. Many, not abandoned, were swallowed up by municipal reorganizations (eg. Aaron Arm is part of Burgeo); others, abandoned, were part of communities listed as abandoned in the Gazetteer (eg. Gallows Harbour, Placentia Bay was an alternate name for the abandoned community of St. Josephs or Great St. Josephs).

Aaron Arm


Alder Harbour  


Bachelors Cove

Baileys Cove

Baileys Point

Bakers Tickle

Bald Nap (~ ~ Point)

Ball Bay

Bamburghs Cove


Beckford (~ Cove)

Bede Cove

Ben Batts Cove

Bishops Harbour

Black Brook (7)

Black River (4)

Blue Pinion (~ ~ Harbour)

Boar Island



Brimball Head 

Bulleys Cove

Burntwoods (6)

Cabot Island (2)

Castle Cove (2)

Centre Cove

Chambers Island

Clay Cove (7)

Coal All (~ ~ Island)

Collins Cove


Couts Pond (Coote ~) 

Damnable Harbour (~ Bay) 


Dock Cove (2)


Doting Cove (4)





Fools Island ( ~ ~ Harbour) 

Gallows Harbour 

God Bay

Godfathers Cove

Grand River



Hearts Disease

Holloways Passage

House Cove



La Plante (~ ~ Cove)

La Plante (~ ~ Harbour)

Lake Beach (~ ~ Harbour)

Le Croiz  



Macks Island
Milk Boy Cove

Mistaken Cove

Mock Beggar

Mouse Island (12)

Mussels Pond (4)


Napartoksoa (Napartok Island)


Our Harbour

Pig Island

Rix Cove


Shandy Hall

Shell Island

Silver Hare Island

South West Island (5)

St. Mein Bay





Tory Town

Tuckers Island

Valentine Cove

Vitters Cove

Whale Cove

Whales Cove

Winters Cove

Wolf Island
11P/12 4737N 5738W

1M/3 4743N 5311W

2C/4 4802N 5340W

12H/5 4929N 5725W

2C/4 4929N 5725W

1M/7 4723N 5431W

2C/12 4841 5339W

1M/6 4728N 5528W

11P/12 4736N 5735W

1M/12 4742N 5554W

2E/6 4921N 5522W

1M/9 4737N 5447W

2E/7 4924N 5447W

1M/3 4702N 5510W

1K/13 4657N 5331W

2C/12 4842N 5345W

1N/6 4727N 5307W

1M/3 4707N 5505W

2E/10 4934N 5445W

1M/7 4722N 5447W

11O/10 4736N 5853W

12H/15 4952N 5646 W

1M/7 4722N 5449W

2C/4 4801N 5342W

1M/16 4745N 5415W

11O/9 4739N 5825W

1L/13 4654N 5556W

2E/12 49385547W

2E/12 49345541W

12P/7 5119N 5643W

13N/1 5511N 6026W

11P/12 4736N 5736W

2E/12 4944N 5600W

1N/14 4754N 5322W

1M/3 4701N 5510W

1N/2 4713N 5149W

13I/6 5426N 5736W
Barrasway Bay

Belle Bay

Trinity Bay

West Coast

Trinity Bay

Placentia Bay

Bonavista Bay

Fortune Bay

South Coast

Notre Dame Bay

Placentia Bay

Notre Dame Bay

Placentia Bay

St. Marys Bay

Bonavista Bay


Placentia Bay

Notre Dame Bay

Placentia Bay

South Coast

White Bay

Placentia Bay

Trinity Bay

Placentia Bay

South Coast

Burin Peninsula

Green Bay

Green Bay

Northern Peninsula

Labrador Coast

South Coast

Green Bay

Trinity Bay

Placentia Bay

Southern Shore

Groswater Bay