List of Lights
My grandfather, Captain Alfred John Sinclair, spent many years coasting Newfoundland and Labrador as a fishing captain, as a trading captain, and as captain of a Government cutter.
He amazed me as a child with his memory of all the lights around the coast and their flashes which he would rhyme off in a song-like cadence. Where, in the 1892 directory and handbook the lights are described as "11 seconds light and 9 seconds dark"; my grandfather's memnonic called it "11 seconds white and 9 seconds black".
Shaded cells were lights operated by the Canadian government. Most lights listed included the name of the keeper. Some were considered communities and are included in Where Once They Stood. Others were close to communities and considered part of them.
Details about the types of light are omitted here. To see a brief description of the various types click here. Try these sites for more detailed information about Newfoundland and Labrador lighthouses Newfoundland Lighthouse Society  and Canadian Coast Guard
Place Lat. North Long. West Date Lit Description of Light Height (ft. asl) Miles visible Arc of view Description of Building
Gull Island (Cape John) 4959'54" 5521'33" 1884 Intermittent White; 11 seconds light; 9 seconds dark 525 26 360 Iron tower painted Red and White vertically four stripes of each colour; Keeper's house painted White, 112 feet distant W. by N.
Long Point (Toulingate) 4941'23" 5447'34" 1876 Revolving White; greatest brilliancy every 30 seconds 331 21 All Seaward Light tower painted Red, square on lower part, changing to octagon and finished by a circular drum gallery and lantern; Keeper's house square (vertical parts White, roof Red), distant 25 ft. from Tower.
Wharf light (Toulingate)     1885 Fixed Red        
Cann Island (Seldom-Come-By) 4925'05" 5410'35" 1874 Fixed White 85 10 270 Building wood, Light Tower rising from gable of house, vertical parts painted White, roof Red.
Penguin Island, 9 mi. S.W. mag. from Offer Wadham Island Light 4926'55" 5348'00" 1890 Fixed White 62 9 360 A circular Iron Tower and Keeper's dwelling (wood); house and tower painted Red and White, alternately, in vertical stripes; House attached to Tower on its Eastern Side.
Offer Wadham Island 4935'35" 5345'12" 1858 Revolving White; flashes White every 30 seconds 100 11 360 Round Red Brick Tower; Keeper's dwelling wood, (vertical parts White; roof Red), 30 feet from Tower.
Cabot (Stinking) Island, Bonavista Bay 4910'26" 5321'21" 1880 Intermittent White; 11 seconds light; 9 seconds dark 74 10 360 Iron Light Tower in centre of square wood building; roofs flat; sides banded horizontally; Red & White alternately.
Puffin Island (Greenspond) 4903'37" 5532'37" 1873 Fixed Red 85 10 270 Buildings granite, roofed with slate; Light Tower at one corner.
Denier Island 4931'05" 5334'05" 1888 Revolving White; single flashes at 30 seconds 298 19 360 Iron Light Tower and a Keeper's dwelling (wood) 17ft. 6 in. apart. House and Tower painted Red and White alternately in vertical stripes.
Cape Bonavista 4842'01" 5304'35" 1843 Revolving alternate white and red at intervals of 90 seconds 150 15 All Seaward Square Wood Lighthouse, painted Red and White in alternate vertical stripes; Lantern in centre of roof.
Green Island (Catalina) 4830'15" 5302'20" 1857 Fixed White 92 11 202 Wooden House, painted White, from centre of which rises the lantern.
Fort Point (Trinity) 4821'55" 5320'51" 1874 Fixed White 75 10 320 Wooden Tower, painted White.
Hant's Hr. (Trinity Bay) 4801'07" 5315'07" 1881 Fixed White 65 9 All Seaward Octagonal Tower, painted White, small store at rear.
Baccalieu Island 4808'58" 5247'32" 1859 Revolving White light, shewing a flash every 20 seconds. Note:-The light is often obscured by fog when lower part of the Island is clear. 443 24 360 Round Red Brick Tower. Keeper's dwelling detached square White building with Red roof. Building situated on Northern point of the Island. The Southern end of Island obscures the light for 8 miles when bearing N.N.E.E.
Carbonear Island 4744'24" 5309'22" 1878 Fixed White 195 16 360 Buildings Wood; light Tower rising from the gable of the House; (vertical parts White, roof Red).
Harbour Grace Island 4742'45" 5308'11" 1836 Revolving, shewing 2 White flashes, followed by 1 Red flash, each attaining greatest brilliancy in 30 seconds 151 15 360 Square Wood House, (sides painted White, roof Red), from centre of which rises the lantern.
Har. Grace Har. Light 4741'27" 5212'33" 1850 Fixed White 40 7   Hexagonal Wood Tower, painted White.
Green Point (Bay Roberts) 4736'40" 5310'15" 1883 Fixed White. Immediately beneath the principal White light is a projecting lantern in which three lamps are placed; the two outer ones will shew White, and the centre one, in a line with the Southern Rocks, N.E.E., (mag.), from the Tower, will shew Red. 56 8 All Seaward Round Iron Tower, painted with 2 Red and 3 White horizontal bands. Store in the rear, painted White.
Brigus, North Head 4732'54" 5310'35" 1885 Fixed Red 113 12   Round Iron Tower, painted Red and White vertical stripes (3 of each). House also painted Red and White vertical stripes.
Cape St. Francis 4748'30" 5247'10" 1877 Fixed Red 123 12   Buildings of Wood, painted White, roof flat. On the higher roof is the lantern elevated above it on a square block. The lower building is the Fog Alarm house.
Fort Amherst 4733'47" 5240'20" 1813 Fixed White 104 12 Seaward between W.S.W. & N.N.E. Stone. Whitewashed; Lantern on roof.
St. John's (1) Leading Light     Red 76     Light in q Drum, (painted White) on roof of Custom House.
St. John's (2) Leading Light       Red. Keeping the lights and discs in line, bearing N.W. W., will clear all dangers. 174     This light is 400 yards in the rear of the lower one. It is in a small octagonal Tower, painted White, with conical roof, one side of which is painted White, as is also a disc that surmounts the roof. The line connecting this and the above signal shews the middle of the channel.
Cape Spear 4741'11" 5236'39" 1835 Revolving White; greatest brilliancy every minute. 264 22 All Seaward House White. Roof banded Red and White horizontally; the lantern rises from the centre.
Ferryland Head 4700'58" 5251'07" 1871 Fixed White 200 16 All Seaward Round Red, Iron Tower, 28 feet from Keeper's House, which is Wood, painted White with Red roof.
Cape Pine 4637'04" 5331'45" 1851 Fixed White. The intervening land being low the light can be seen over it from St. Mary's Bay. 314 30   Round Iron Light Tower, 50 feet high, painted with Red and White horizontal bands. Keeper's dwelling wood, connected with the Tower by a covered way.
Point La Haye (St. Mary's Bay) 4654'28" 5336'40" 1883 Fixed White 63 9 All Seaward Round Iron Tower, painted with 3 Red and 3 White horizontal bands. The bands are continued around a flat roof Store in rear.
Cape St. Mary's 4649'34" 5411'43" 1860 Revolving shewing alternately a Red and a White light at intervals of 1 minute. 390 23 All Seaward Round Iron Tower, painted Red. A Wooden House on each side of the Tower and connected therewith by a covered way. These houses are painted White, with Red roofs.
Point Verde (Placentia) 4714'11" 5500'19" 1879 Fixed White 98 11 All Seaward Wooden House, painted White, flat roofs. Light Tower rises from the centre of the house.
Dodding Head (Burin) 4700'26" 5508'43" 1858 Revolving White light (silvered reflectors and annular lenses), attains greatest brilliancy every minute. Owing to great height this light is often obscured when the coast is clear. 430 24 All Seaward Square Wooden House, roof Red. The lantern rises from the centre of the house.
Allan Island (Lamaline) 4651'00" 5545'30" 1879 Fixed White 64 9 170 Wooden octagonal Tower, painted Red and White on alternate sides.
Brunette Island (Fortune Bay) 4715'32" 5551'50" 1865 Flashing White light, attains greatest brilliancy every ten seconds. Obscured by the land from E.S.E. to S. 408 23 All Seaward Square Wooden House, painted White with Red roof. The lantern rises from centre of roof.
Grand Bank (Fortune Bay) 4708'00" 5542'00" 1890 Fixed Red 28 5 S.E.byS. Southerly to W. Wooden Beacon on Breakwater, 300 feet from end. Beacon painted red and white horizontal bands; light bears W.N.W. from end of Breakwater.
Garnish (Fortune Bay) 4714'00" 5524'00" 1875 Fixed Red, Port Light 20     Square Beacon Tower of Wood, standing at end of Breakwater, carrying an octagonal drum and lantern.
Belleoram (Fortune Bay) 4729'00" 5527'15" 1873 Fixed White 35 7 270 Wooden Tower, painted White on North point of the beach.
Rocky Point (Hr. Briton) 4727'30" 5547'45" 1873 Fixed White. Not visible in a line with Harbor Rock, in which direction it is obscured. 68 9   Circular Iron Tower, painted Red and White in horizontal bands.
Pass Island (entrance to Hermitage Bay) 4729'15" 5612'02" 1879 Fixed White. A Fixed Red light is placed below the White light to distinguish the rocks and reefs extending from the Wolf rocks, bearing (from light-house) S77.44 W. to Basse Terre Point, S 61.33. The Reef over the Wolf rocks is about 1 miles from the Island. At a distance of about 4 miles the two lights merge into one. 281 19 300
Wooden House, sides painted White, with flat roof, on which the principal lantern stands. The one shewing the Red light is 14 feet lower, and at the angle of the building.
Gaultois 4736'00" 5554'00" 1885 Fixed White light on an iron column. The light should be brought to bear N.E. before steering for the entrance of the harbor, to clear a sunken rock S.W.byW. about 100 yards distant. 14   All Seaward  
Boar Island (Burgeo) 4736'12" 5535'13" 1874 Fixed Red 207 11 270 Buildings Wood. Light Tower rising from the gable of the house. Vertical parts painted White, roof Red.
Ireland Id.,
La Poile Bay
4737'52" 5822'13" 1886 Revolving White light, alternate flashed and total eclipses, attaining greatest brilliancy every 12 seconds. 67 9 Whole horizon Circular Iron Tower; Keeper's dwelling of wood, 16 ft. apart, (W.S.W.), painted red and white alternate bands continuous round both buildings.
Rose Blanche P't. 4735'48" 5841'30" 1873 Fixed White, shewing all seaward 95 11 168.75 Buildings Granite, (one side and one end painted in red and white vertical stripes), roofed with slate; Light Tower at one corner.
Channel Head, (Port-au-Basque) 4733'49" 5907'09" 1875 Fixed White 90 12 All Seaward The Square Light Tower and the Keeper's dwelling are attached, they are of Wood.
Sandy Point, (St. George's Bay) 4827'27" 5830'31" 1883 Fixed White 35 7 All Seaward Round Iron Tower, painted with Red and White horizontal bands (3 of each). Store on South side painted White.
Cape Ray 4737'05" 5918'00" 1871 Revolving White attaining greatest brilliancy every 20 seconds 127 17 All points seaward Wooden Octagonal Tower, painted white; Lantern brown.
Point Rich 5042'05" 5734'30" 1871 Destroyed by fire, To be rebuilt.       White, Hexagonal wood, with roof red.
Cape Norman 5138'07" 5554'06" 1871 Revolving White; greatest brilliancy every two minutes. 116 20 All points seaward  
Cape Bauld 5138'50" 5525'00" 1884 Alternating red and white every 45 seconds 152 18 All points seaward White square wooden tower, surmounted by a red lantern; dwellings attached.
Belle Isle 5153'00" 5522'15" 1858 Fixed white light 470 28 All points seaward Circular stone tower, covered with clapboards, painted white. Dwelling attached.
Belle Isle
(Low Light)
    1880 Fixed white 137 1 From N.W.byN. round by S. to E. In approaching from the Gulf. White square wooden tower; surmounted by a brown lantern.
P't. Amour (Forteau) 5127'35" 5651'00" 1855 Fixed white 152 18 All points seaward Circular white stone, covered with clapboards; roof red. Dwelling attached.
Greenly Id., (Blanc Sablon) 5122'35" 5710'50" 1878 Showing white minute, red minute. White do. and eclipse 1 minute. 108 15 All points seaward Octagonal wooden tower painted white, with red lantern; white wooden dwelling attached.
Cape Race 4639'00" 5304'20" 1856 Revolving White light attains greatest brilliancy every half minute. Visible between N.N.E to W.S.W. A conical Beacon stands 150 feet S. of Lighthouse. 180 19 180 Round iron light tower 40 feet high, painted red and white in broad vertical stripes. Keeper's house - feet distant, is square, painted white with red roof. The light tower is connected with the Alarm house, by a covered way, 250 feet long.